• Shelly

What should I write about?

Happy Place

Honestly, it doesn't matter. Never has. It is the simple act of pen on paper making the sentences that makes me happy. It doesn't even HAVE to be sentences in the strictest sense. It can be a list of words I love. It can be song lyrics I will never make into songs. Lately it is whole therapy sessions. I write my questions out and wait for answers and then write those out and then go 'HAH! Thanks notebook God!'. It is jokes I wanna do tonight. It is things I am ashamed to say out loud. Confessions. It is big dreams. Excitement created. It is lists of friends to remember to pray for. It is an experiment to see if I can work my way out of a funk. Often it is 'Ohhhh I am so grateful for this pen and this paper and this coffee and to know how to write. What a pleasure! What a luxury!' Writing is honoring the simple moment. Writing is my constant companion.


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