• Shelly

The First Book That Changed My Life


My friend Kris asked me the question ‘What was the first book you read that changed your life?’ and I tried to think as far back as I could.

Corduroy. Corduroy was a toy bear in a department store. When the little girl would go shopping with her mother, the bear would hope he/she would get to go home with them. And he/she is alive in the department store at night. Pretty exotic bear at this point. But also not a big dangerous bear but a little toy bear friend!

I was probably 5 or 6 years old reading this…..

And the little girl was like me. I had a stuffed toy bear too, and I named it Corduroy.

And I pictured myself in the department store rescuing the story bear and giving it a home.

And now when I see that book I am transported back to that time in childhood when it is so easy to play and so easy to believe that your toy bear is real…..

And that is the magic of reading.

And then I think….What the fuck kinda name is Corduroy? I have never heard that name before or since and probably for good reason because would you like, VOTE for a ‘Corduroy Van Manuel’ or even a ‘Corduroy Hagood’ or even buy a car from one?!

Actually on second thought there are probably a couple of areas in this country where there is a Corduroy Hagood selling Chevys in the same town with a DIFFERENT Corduroy Hagood on City Council and it’s not even a big deal, except that they used to date sisters.

And THAT is the magic of reading.

And now you are thinking about the country song I just wrote, ‘The Ballad of the Hagood Foursome’.

So, yeah, the answer is ‘Corduroy’.


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